what is a JuniperWeb open cart and how do I manage them? what is a JuniperWeb open cart and how do I manage them?

what is a JuniperWeb open cart and how do I manage them?

An open cart is an unsubmitted order that gets created when a user (a.k.a. customer) adds a product to the online shopping cart of an e-Commerce site but does not proceed to checkout and complete the purchase. An open cart may also be referred to as an abandoned cart.

The Open Carts tool provides valuable insight into potential orders that your customers have started on your JuniperWeb site. This will allow you take certain actions, such as changing the order price level, deleting the order, or viewing the order details. Please note: Open carts may not be submitted via the WebManager or a JuniperWeb Admin. Only the customer is able to submit the order.

To access your open carts, simply click on the “Open Carts” button on the left-hand side of your screen. Doing so will take you a screen similar to what you see below:


Let’s take a closer look at each of the columns:

  1. The "check box" - the check box is one of two actionable areas on this page that you can take action. Once selected, it allows you to Change Price Level (if other price levels are available) or Delete Order for multiple carts at once, or if you prefer one at a time. Selecting multiple carts to edit at once will only allow you to change the price level for all carts to the same price level or delete all carts. See image below for reference. mceclip3.png
  2. Actions - the Actions area is the second of two actionable areas on this page where you are able to take an action. The Actions options allow you to do two things: 1) mceclip1.png view the customer and order details, such as what the customer currently has in their shopping cart. The open cart can be deleted from here as well by clicking on the "Delete Order" button within the pop-up window.  Or, 2) mceclip2.pngallows you to change the price level for the open cart.
  3. Start Date - the start date column shows the date when the order was first created by the customer.
  4. Customer - the customer field column tells you which customer created the order.
  5. Customer # - the customer # column shows the customer number for the customer that created the order.
  6. Price Level - the price level column shows the price level that is currently assigned to the customer. You can set and establish price levels here
  7. Rep # - the Rep # column displays which sales rep has been assigned to the customer.
  8. Order Total - the Order Total column shows the current dollar total for the open cart. This will adjust as the customer modifies their cart.
  9. Days Open - the Days Open column describes how many days have passed since the open cart was first created.
  10. Last Touch - the Last Touch column articulates how many days it has been since the customer has last viewed their shopping cart.
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