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Update, create or remove web pages associated with your site here.

Any website content that you want to present on your new site are called PAGES. Examples: About Us, FAQ, Shipping information, Contact Info, Reps, Showroom Locations, Dealer Locations etc. You can have as many pages as you want. They can be arranged and even nestled under other pages to create a unique look.


PAGES - Update, create or remove web pages associated with your site.

The home page has edit & save options but doesn’t need to be published as it's published automatically to live site after saving.

NEW PAGE - Click + New Page add a page using the Code blocks.   Pick a custom layout from the right side of the page - Add page & save. Once you save it will open a small pop up to add Page Title, Meta Description, and Meta Keywords.

PAGE TITLE - This is what this page will be labeled and shown as

META DESCRIPTION - Less than 155 characters best used as a mini bio about the site– used to persuade the searcher to click here

META KEYWORDS - Brief information about the page's content- descriptive words to trigger a better search

HOME PAGE - Has the edit & save options but doesn’t need to be published as it is published automatically to live site.

 All other pages need to have the edit button clicked and then you can add pages from the right side (page with columns, page with text & images etc.) once added they can be edited and saved—but then need to be published to make them visible on the website.


EDIT - Opens up an arrow up or arrow down (to move the Code Block up or down) or an X to delete the Code Block.

ARRANGE - This icon on the website ALL PAGES is the arrange option- Here you can arrange the pages to show on the pages tab, as you like. Simply grabbing the page and moving it above or below to arrange how you want the layout to be ordered. Once satisfied - Save the Page Order by clicking the green save icon.

 URL - To view all pages individually- once launched and you edit the page you can view it from this link

 SHOP PAGE - All product data is driven from RepZio - “Shop” on B2B


Note:  Your B2B site can display different categories than those you use on the RepZio App. We call these Web Categories.  The name of the category “shop” can be renamed if you wish.

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