Dealer Locator file details Dealer Locator file details

Dealer Locator file details

The Dealer Locator file allows you to show a list of approved dealers on your website. The file itself must obey the following rules in order to work correctly:

  1. Every column on the dealer locator file must be filled in with no gaps in the data. The only exception to this is Address2 (Column C).
  2. Make sure the title for column B is: Address1
  3. Canadian postal codes cannot contain gaps.
    1. This is acceptable: EC48B5
    2. This will result in an error: EC4 8B5
  4. Uploading a dealer locator file into the B2B admin portal does not work as a delta. For example: if you upload a dealer locator file that contains 100 dealers, then your Juniper Web site will contain 100 dealers for your visitors to search for. If you upload a second dealer locator file that only contains 1 dealer on it, then your Juniper Web site will only show that single dealer.
    1. To summarize: make sure every dealer locator file you upload into the B2B admin portal contains every dealer you want to display on your site.
  5. The "Type" field (column J) is a text field, which means you can type whatever you want there.
  6. "Website" (column K) must contain the "https://" for the dealer's website address.  
    1. will not work.
    2. will work.
  7. Important: do not turn on the "Use My Authorized Dealers" button if you are only using the dealer locator file attached below. Please review this article to learn more about the "Authorized Dealers" function.
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