Category Specific Discount Codes Category Specific Discount Codes

Category Specific Discount Codes

Category specific discount codes are similar to Product specific discount codes in that multiple products can feature a discount code. Via product-specific codes you have to do this one by one but using category-specific codes, all products associated with a category are automatically assigned the discount code by choosing the category. 


Note: Only JuniperWeb Plus + JuniperWeb Advanced have this feature by default. If you are using JuniperWeb Core, this will need to be purchased as an add-on. 

How To Create Create A Category Specific Coupon Code

While in the JuniperWeb admin...

  1. Using the left navigation bar, choose Settings, then at the top right click the Discount Codes tab
  2. Choose the Create Code button 
  3. Populate and or check all applicable fields...code name, start date, end date, discount amount, discount type, free shipping.

    Note: Only uppercase letters and numbers for Code Name (3-10 characters). Free Shipping is not required, but all other fields are. 

  4. Designate the number of times a customer can use this coupon code by choosing the corresponding radio button. If Multiple, is selected, you can designate an exact number of uses by checking the "Limit number..." box and then enter a numerical value. 

The Summary box will update automatically and follow you down the page as you set up your discount code.

  1. Scroll down further to notice Assign Category(s). In the input field, enter in the first few characters of the category you would like this coupon code assigned to, then select that category once it appears. You can assign multiple categories to a single discount code.


  2. Optionally, to display a custom message for this discount code, enter the message in Create Custom Message. You can even use emojis 🎉
  3. When you are ready to publish, choose the Create Code button under the Summary box. If you cannot choose Create Code, then please review that all required fields have been populatedmanage.b2bdirect.io_settings_tab_6.png

    "Can I use both product discount codes & category discount codes?"
    You cannot have global and product-specific codes present
    at the same time. It is one or the other. Furthermore, when you choose to use a category-specific discount code, this code will remove a product-specific code that was previously being used.  

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