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Accepting payments & generating discount codes is a key component to any successful online business.

Once you are logged into Juniper Web Dashboard, choose Settings, then Payment Settings tab.


Credit Card Settings

Checking this box enables your website to accept credit cards. Once checked, you will notice more options appear.

Accept Payments Only From Country

Enabling this feature will limit credit card payments to the selected countries. Select your Countries Accepted:

- US
- CA

⚠️ Please note, your customers must have country code not the full country name.

For example, CA (all caps) as their Country, not "Canada" or "CANADA" ...

Required Based On Terms

Need to require a credit card based on terms?
Enforce terms by selecting by choosing one or many options
- Net 15
- Net 30
- Credit Card


Credit Cards Accepted

Need to accept only particular brands of credit cards?

Limit what brands you accept by choosing one or many options

- Visa
- Mastercard
- Discover
- American Express
- Diners Club

Capture Funds
When you toggle this slider, you will see options to capture funds based on the price level.
Choose one or many options be selecting them from the dropdown.

- Wholesale
- Stocking Dealer
- Non Stocking

Automatically Process Transactions

If selected, credit card will be charged immediately on checkout. Otherwise the transaction will be authorized, but not immediately processed.

Calculate Sales Tax

Taxable Price Level

Choose which price level you would want to be taxable....
- Wholesale
- Stocking Dealer
- Non Stocking

Tax Service API Key

Need to integrate to TaxJar? Insert their API key in this field

TaxJarmakes sales tax filing easier for online sellers and merchants. See local jurisdictional tax reports, get payment reminders, and more!

Follow the documentation found here to obtain your API key:


Discount Codes

  1. Designate a code name for your discount code...remember only use uppercase letters and numbers
  2. Choose discount amount and type (Percentage or Amount)
  3. Select a Start Date and End Date
  4. Add Free Shipping to the discount by selecting the checkbox
  5. Choose how many times a customer can use the discount code...Once or Multiple
  6. Click Add Discount to see it propagate on the list.




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