Dealer Locator - Authorized Dealers Dealer Locator - Authorized Dealers

Dealer Locator - Authorized Dealers

There are two simple ways that the Dealer Locator feature can be configured. One way is directly in B2B Admin and the other is by using the Customer Template in Web Manager.

Method #1 -Via B2B Admin

To set up Customers and their location in B2B Admin, Click the Dealer Locator option on the left panel.


On the Dealer Locator page, download the DEALER TEMPLATE.xlsx


In the excel file, fill in the corresponding information for each company that is an Authorized Dealer. (Dealers will be displayed based on the zip code entered for them and the zip code entered by the site visitor)


  • Save the file and return to the Dealer Locator page in B2B Admin.
  • Select Find File and navigate to your saved Template file.
  • Click upload.

Important: Required fields include Company, Address, City, State, Zip, and Country. Any uploads using this method must be a complete list of your Dealers since the new file upload will replace what was previously uploaded.

Method # 2 - Via WebManager.

  1. Navigate to Manage Data > Export Data and select Export Customers.webmanager_export.gif
  2. Open up the downloaded file. For Customers that you would like to be active as Authorized Dealers and shown via the dealer locator, enter TRUE in Column AK(AuthorizedDealer)
  3. Navigate to Manage Data > Upload Data Sheets in the WebManager and upload your edited file selecting Customer from the file type you are uploading.
  4. Push Data Live.

Finally, open up B2B Admin and navigate to the Dealer Locator page.

  1. Toggle on the 'Use My Authorized Dealers' button in the upper right corner of the page.


You are done! Your dealers will be searchable on the Dealer Locator page of your B2B website.

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