Uploading Images into JuniperData Uploading Images into JuniperData

Uploading Images into JuniperData

Uploading images is a two-step process with JuniperData. First, you must make sure that the names of your image files adhere to the naming conventions outlined in the Upload Images section in JuniperData.


Once the image files are properly named, the next step is to use the Upload Images function in JuniperData. To access this function, you must first log into JuniperData, then click on “Images" in the navigation menu on the left.


You should now see the Image Manager page. Click "Upload" in the top right to be taken to the Image Upload Manager.


Drag and drop your images into the maroon box; you can also click on the box itself to bring up your file directory. This will allow you to navigate to the specific image files you want to upload.


Once an image has been successfully uploaded, you will see a green checkmark appear next to it.

Important: The green checkmark means that the image was added to our image processing queue. We use a combined image processing queue for all of our customers, so there may be a delay from the time you see the green checkmarks to when the images actually appear in JuniperData.

Continue to upload your images until you’re done. The Current Image Queue Length counter on the right side of the screen will show you the total number of images waiting to be processed.


Once the counter reaches 0, your images have finished processing. You can review them by clicking on "Products", then click on the new "Products" button that appears.


You do not need to Push Data Live to publish the images unless you are replacing an image for a product.


How many images can I upload at the same time?

It depends on the size of the image files themselves—the larger the files, the less you can upload at one time. Most image files are roughly between 10MB to 30 MB in terms of file size. In that case, I recommend loading no more than 500 images at a time.

An image I uploaded has a red “X” mark instead of a green checkmark. What gives?

This means that something went wrong with the image file upload. Common causes include: the file isn’t in the right format (.png instead of .jpg), the file is too large and you need to resize it, or the file is corrupted. If you have checked all of these factors and still get the red X mark, then please contact RepZio support.

I uploaded the images successfully, but all of my products are missing images in JuniperData. What happened?

This is likely an image file name issue. There are two ways to name your images: either by using the ItemID of the product the image represents, OR by using the PhotoName column in theProduct Templatespreadsheet. In either case, you need to make sure that the image file is namedexactlythe same way as the ItemID/PhotoName is presented in the system.

Even an extra blank space accidentally entered in the image file’s name can throw the system off. Another common cause is that the image file’s format is .jpeg, or .JPG; the system will only accept images in the .jpg format.

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