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Within JuniperData manufacturers (single line vendors & multi-line rep agencies) can group different product items together creating a 'Product Set'. With the Product Sets created vendors can share/publish those specific products to their Multi-Line Rep agencies. Additionally, in the future Product Sets will be used to send/display products on specific channels, JuniperMarket will be the initial channel.


Navigating to Product Sets in JuniperData

  • Users can navigate to the main Product Sets via the left-hand navigation or from the Product Table dropdown



Creation of new Product Set

  • From the Product Sets table, users can click to create new and a modal will display. They can include a required Product Set Name & an optional description (description can be 150 characters maximum in length).


  • Once a new Product Set is created a flyout will appear displaying the live products that are available to add to the set (this can be closed and picked up at another time)




Adding Products to a Product Set

  • With the Product flyout, a user can quickly add multiple products to their set by multi-selecting items. As items are added from the right they display in the table in real-time; however, not until the 'Save & Close' button is selected will they be truly added to the Product Set.


  • Users can sort products, search products by Item Name




Editing an existing Product Set

  • Users can navigate to the Product Set table and see all existing Sets created
  • From the table, they can choose to add a new, delete, edit, or duplicate a Product Set


  • Clicking into a specific Product Set will display the details product table
  • Users can view the details of each product, and add new or remove products from the set




New Connection Request & Selecting Product Sets

  • Vendors that create Product Sets will have the option to send All of their products or selected Product Sets to their requested Subscribers
  • When a new Connection request is sent, a Publisher (single line vendor) will have the option to share All Products or they will see a list of all their existing/created Product Sets where they can multi-select them as well.
  • Once an option is selected (required) the 'Save' button will become an active connection and data will be published/shared




Existing Connection Request & Selecting Product Sets

  • If a Publisher (single line Vendor) has an existing active Connection with a Subscriber (multi-line agency) and they want to adjust which Product Sets are shared with them they can do so from the Connections page (Active Tab)
  • By clicking the expanded row next to each Subscriber the Publisher will see the options to share 'All Products' or the listed existing 'Product Sets'.
  • As a default, All Products are sent
  • Once a selection is made the 'Save' button will become active
  • Making changes to the products being shared with a subscriber will wipe the existing shared data from the Subscriber and replace it with the new upon the next 'Push Live'



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