Subscriber: Requesting a Data Connection Subscriber: Requesting a Data Connection

Subscriber: Requesting a Data Connection

It's possible to request to connect to a brand, so their product data flows from their account to yours. This takes product data management out of your hands and into the hands of the brands you sell. In this article, it is important to understand the terms Publisher and Subscriber.

  • Publisher: The brand you're sending the connection request to and in essence they're the ones publishing the data.
  • Subscriber: The account that is initiating the connection request to the publisher and in-turn is called the subscriber.

⚠️ Important: Before you can create a connection request for a brand, you must have a Vendor account created for that brand. Please read the article: How to Create a Vendor


Steps to Create a Connection Request:

  1. In the left navigation rail, click Connect
  2. At the top right, click on "Request Data"
  3. In the Request Data popup, enter your email address
  4. Choose the Vendor you wish to request data from
  5. Enter the Vendors email address (this will be your contact at the brand that you wish to send the request to)
  6. Enter the Vendor DataSynq ID & click "Submit Request"

⚠️ Important: The “Vendor DataSynq ID”can be found on your vendor’s account profile page. Please reach out to your vendor and ask them to reference this for you. Once this is entered and the rest of the request form is complete it will be up to your vendor to accept the invitation on their “Connection Manager” dashboard to complete the connection process.

Congrats! 🎉 You've now requested a data connection with a vendor. Once the vendor processes your request you will see the results on your DataSynq Connect screen. Once accepted, the Publisher and you the Subscriber have the ability to Activate or Deactivate the connection.

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