Publisher:  Managing Connection Requests Publisher:  Managing Connection Requests

Publisher: Managing Connection Requests

Did you know as a vendor, agencies can subscribe to your inventory through DataSynq's Connect functionality?

As the vendor, you are considered the Publisher, and the Agencies are considered Subscribers.

As a Vendor/Publisher, you will receive requests from Agencies/Subscribers to have access to all the data associated with your products for them to offer on their site(s).

Once an Agency/Subscriber sends a request, someone at your company will receive an email from the subscriber notifying you that they have requested access.


By clicking Respond to Request you will be taken to DataSynq's Connections Page. Once you are logged into DataSynq, using the left navigation rail, click Connect.


  1. From this screen, you can see the name of the Agency/Subscriber, the status of their request, and the date requested.
  2. Underneath the ACTION heading, you will have to option to Accept or Decline the request.
  3. Next, in order to facilitate the flow of data from your account, you must then activate the connection.
  4. Push Data Live to immediately publish your product data to the Agency/Subscriber account.

⚠️ Important: At any time you can enable, disable, or remove/delete a subscriber's connection from the Connect page.

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