B2B Direct: Video Embeds B2B Direct: Video Embeds

B2B Direct: Video Embeds

Adding videos to your website pages helps to elevate the visitor's experience. With the B2B UI Elements it's made easy for anyone to do.

Login in to your B2B Portal and select Website>Pages From the side menu.


Select the page you intend to add a video to. Select the Embed Video from the UI Elements panel pn the left side of the page.


Enter in a Class Name or ID selector for the Video section of the page.(Not a required field - Skip if you are not familiar with Classes and ID Selectors)

Click Save and then click on the element to the newly crated element on the page.


Navigate to the Youtube video that you want to add to your page. Click the share button and select <Embed>.

Copy the URL after src= as show in the image below


Paste the URL into the Video URL field in back in the B2B portal. Click Save.


Save and Publish.

You're done!

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