Sell Theme: Tag Page Subheader Sell Theme: Tag Page Subheader

Sell Theme: Tag Page Subheader

Grouping your products into Tags will allow your reps and site users to quickly view discontinued items, new introductions, etc.

The subheader for the Tags page is the small area located just under the Tags title.


To modify the subheader...

  1. Navigate to your Juniper Web > Pages > Tags Subheader
  2. Edit the Page
  3. Insert your desired UI components to be added under the Tags title.


Advance Styling Using HTML / CSS

Do you know HTML & CSS or have a web manager that does?

Sell Theme utilizes the...

FontAwesome & Orion icon libraries

HTML & CSS can be added to the tags subheader by....

  1. Adding a Paragraph or similar UI element to the page described above
  2. Clicking the element, then within the editor clicking the Source Code iconmceclip0.png
  3. Pasting in your HTML / CSS
  4. Save and Publish your draft.
  5. Navigate back to the frontend of Juniper Web and refresh the page. You maybe required to clear your cache by going to
Example Code:<p>Special Sub-Header For Your Tags Page</p>

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