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Custom Registration Forms


You've asked for the ability to add your own questions to the default B2B registration form and we've heard you! You can now ask your prospective customers the questions you need to be able to vet them more efficiently. You can add questions to the existing default sections, or create your own new sections.

To access the new Registration Form Editor

  1. Open the B2B Admin Portal
  2. Navigate to Website > Pages from the left Nav Rail and click on the page named Registration-Form-Dealer from your list of website pages. If you have Business to Consumer (B2C / Public E-Commerce) enabled the page will be namedRegistration-Form-Consumer.

The editor is broken down into two sections. On the left is the "View pane" where your current registration form is viewed.


The "View' pane allows you to

  • Select individual fields for editing.
  • Rearrange fields within a section by dragging and dropping individual fields within a section.
  • Rearrange the order of the sections in the form by using the up or down arrows on the left side of each section.

The 'Form Editor" is the pane on the right side of the page. This is where the actual editing is done.


The "Form Editor" pane allows you to

  • Rename an existing field
  • Create new sections
  • Choose the question format you wish to use: input field, checkbox, radio button, and dropdown select.
  • Choose whether or not to make a custom question "required" for form submission.
  • Reorder or delete sections.

Important: When editing the name of a preset field within a required section, the name of the field can be changed, but the data that will be entered by the user can't be different than what was originally expected. An example of this would be the "Tax ID" field, you can rename this to Business Number, where the user will input the same information that is expected to be placed in the field. However, you cannot change it to "How many years have you been in business?" as the data the user inputs would be different than what is expected. In this case, you could add another question to the existing section, or add a new section with the new question(s).

Continue reading below to see how to edit or add custom elements to your registration form.

You want to edit the name of an existing field, you can do that!


  1. In the "View" pane on the left,hover over the field you wish to edit and click on the "Edit" icon.
  2. In the "Form Editor" on the right, in the "Name Field Label" box, you can edit the name of the field. For example: instead of Tax ID you can change it to read Business #.
  3. Click "Save" at the bottom of the screen to save the change.
  4. Click "Publish Draft" at the top of the screen when you are ready to push the update out to your website.

Now, let's add a new section and custom question to your registration form!

Step 1.


Step 2.


  1. From the "Form Editor" on the right enter a name in the "Section Name" field for your new section.
  2. Click "Add Field" to create your new section.
  3. Add a new field to the newly created section by choosing one of the four input types:input field, checkbox, radio button, and dropdown select.
  4. Enter your custom question in the "Input Field Label" box.
  5. Choose if answering this question will be required or not.
  6. Choose the size of this field on your form.
  7. Click "Save" at the bottom of the screen to save the change.
  8. Click "Publish Draft" at the top of the screen when you are ready to push the update out to your website.

That's it, you've now created your own custom registration form!

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