Arranging and Nesting Pages on your B2B Arranging and Nesting Pages on your B2B

Arranging and Nesting Pages on your B2B

The Pages for your B2B do have the ability to be moved or arranged as you like, You can also arrange pages under other pages, called Nesting. Nesting Pages allows the main or Parent page to be shown as a first view with the option to look at the sub or child page to be accessedfrom that main page.

1. From the B2B Admin panel click onthe Pages link from the navigation panel on the left.


2. This opens up a few options, Create, Arrange or View. Pick Arrange


3. Now you will see theArrange Pages section. Here is where you can rearrangethe pages or click the + sign to allow pages to be nested usingthe drag and drop function.


4. In the example below I have grabbed the "Events and Education" page and moved it to be Nested under the "Brands and Catalogue" Page


5. Once you have arranged the pages as you like or nested pages you will now save your changesby clicking the green "Save Page Order link" at the bottom of the page.


6. Now go back to the Pages link and click view to see the changes on your B2B.

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