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Mailchimp is used to set up and maintain e-mail mailing lists.

This article will help you find the keys/codes necessary to integrate your MailChimp account with JuniperWeb. Mailchimp allows you to send out targeted e-mails to JuniperWeb Site Users who perform the following actions:

  • Populate the newsletter form in the footer (Subscriber)
  • Register as a Site User / Buyer (Registrations)

⚠️ Emails are not collected from our Contact Forms ⚠️

1. Start by getting the API key. Once logged into MailChimp, click on the account orb button (bottom left) then click Account:


2. On the account page, select API keys from the Extras drop down:


3. Click the create a key button if no keys currently exist (my account already has three):


After creating the key will appear like the ones on my account already do.

4. Next we're going to get a List ID.

Click audience:

In the audience section, click on settings drop down and then audience name and defaults:



The subscriber list ID will appear in the circled area, called audience ID:


5. Copy + Paste the API Key & Audience (List) ID over to JuniperWeb Integration settings.

Once logged into JuniperWeb go here:


How can I separate out my different email types into seperate lists?

If you would like to automatically separate out Subscribers versus Registrations...

  • Newsletter form in the footer = Subscriber
  • Register as a Site User / Buyer = Registrations
  1. Create a new Audience by following this tutorial:
  2. Then, generate different Audience / List IDs by repeating step 4 above

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