how do i create a site user on juniperweb? how do i create a site user on juniperweb?

how do i create a site user on juniperweb?

As an administrator for your JuniperWeb website, you can create a Site User account on behalf of a customer. In certain circumstances, this might be easier than the customer requesting access by registering on your site. You can create a Site User as long as they exist and are active in your customer list in WebManager.

Prior to adding a new site user, you will need the following information for the customer:

  1. Email Address
  2. Customer Number
  3. Contact Name

To access the above information, go to WebManager > Customers > Edit Customers.

Use the steps below to create a JuniperWeb Site User.



  1. Open the JuniperWeb Admin and click on Site Users from the left navigation toolbar
  2. Click on the Add Site User icon in the upper right, next to the search bar
  3. Enter the customer's email address, customer number, and contact name in the New User window
  4. Click the Add User button to add the user and give access to the site

Upon the initial log in to your site—after entering their email address in the username field—the user will be asked to create a password. Once completed, the Site User will be able to log into your site and begin shopping.

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