How to Set Up B2B Website Categories How to Set Up B2B Website Categories

How to Set Up B2B Website Categories

There may come a time where you will want to organize your products into different categories on the B2B website compared to how your products are organized in the RepZio App. The RepZio Webmanager has a nifty feature that will allow you to switch between different category schemes on the B2B website with a push of a button; but first, we need to set it up.

For this example, let’s use the 'RepZio Furnishings' demo account. Currently, we have 5 main categories; 'Art' is the only one that does not have any sub-categories. In this example, I will want 'Art' to have sub-categories on the B2B website. Below is a step-by-step process on how I did it.

  1. Sign in to the RepZio Webmanager
  2. From the navigation bar on the left hand of the screen, click 'Manage Data'
  3. Click 'Export Data'
  4. Click 'Export Category Products (w/Sub Categories)'
  5. Open the freshly downloaded spreadsheet
  6. Make the adjustments as needed:







Important Note: The next set of steps MUST be completed before you can upload the newly configured website categories template into webmanager. Otherwise, you will not see the 'website categories' option in the 'Choose what type of data you wish to import' drop-down list.

  1. Log in to the B2B Admin Portal at
  2. From the navigation bar on the left side of the screen, click “Settings”
  3. Select the “Site Configuration” tab from the top menu
  4. Click on'Menu Configuration' at the far right, from the expanded list of options, click the “Website Categories” checkbox to enable your Website Categories
  5. Click'Update' in the upper right corner to save the changes.


  1. After the changes are made to the spreadsheet, and the 'Website Categories' option has been enabled in the B2B Admin, return to the Webmanager portal
  2. From the navigation bar on the left side of the screen, click “Manage Data”
  3. Click “Upload Data Sheets”
  4. Under the “Choose” drop-down menu, select Website Categories under theB2B Direct header
  5. Click or drag & drop the edited website categories into the grey box
  6. Push Data Live!

Once the website categories have been uploaded and pushed live, you can toggle between displaying your Website Categories, or your regular categories on your B2B website by simply checking or unchecking the Website Categories checkbox in the B2B Admin portal.

Note: You will also now see a new menu named 'Web Categories' in the RepZio webmanager portal with two sub-options where you can Manage and Arrange your web categories the same way you do with your regular categories.


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