Sell Theme: Editing Rotator Arrows Sell Theme: Editing Rotator Arrows

Sell Theme: Editing Rotator Arrows

Rotator arrow images are needed for the main image rotator used in the Flex Image or Owl Carousel UI element.


The Rotator Image Icons can be found from the B2B Admin Dashboard by selecting Library from the Side Bar.


From the Dialogue box that opens, select the 'theme-images' folder to view the current icon options for your Flex Slider.


You will notice a set of pre-uploaded image files that are available for you to use. Whichever of these images is named 'next.svg' and 'prev.svg' (representing Next & Previous), will be displayed as the rotator images for all of your Flex Sliders.

The default arrow is always white. If for example, you wanted the next arrow to be white, you would simply either delete or rename the current 'next.svg' and then rename 'next-dark.svg' to 'next.svg'.

You also have the option of uploading your own next and previous icons by clicking Choose Files, selecting your images, and clicking Upload.

*Please note the sizing convention for the icons is 50x50.

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