B2C Setup B2C Setup

You might find the need to open up your RepZio B2B website to retail customers. The B2B has the ability to allow consumers to access your site alongside your wholesale customers. Listed below we will show you the steps to set this up.

Step 1. Load retail/consumer pricing into an unused PriceLevel on the Product Template for all of your products.

Step 2. Name the new price level that should be used for public browsing and shopping in the RepZio webmanager portal. You can name it "Retail" or something similar.


Step 3. In the B2B Admin's "Site Configuration" section, you will then change the Site Access Level setting to either "PublicEcommerce" if you only want B2C access which will allow Retail customers to view/shop with their price without the registration and approval process, or change to "PublicEcommercewithDealerAccess" to allow Retail customers to view/shop with their price as well as B2B customers to log in and view/shop with their assigned pricing.


Step 4. Set the Default Public Ecommerce Price Level to your newly created Retail price level which will show them your consumer pricing.

That's it! You've now set up your B2B site to allow retail/consumer customers.

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