How To Upload / Import Product Data into JuniperData How To Upload / Import Product Data into JuniperData

How To Upload / Import Product Data into JuniperData

Download Our Product Data Template

1. Log in to your JuniperData account by going to

2. When you are logged into Juniper Data , select "Data Upload Manager" on the first card on the screen titled " Upload and Map" .

3. You will arrive on the Product Upload Manager page. Go over to the far right where it says, "Data Templates". Click the link Import Products to download the zip file.



4. Go to the folder that you just downloaded titled JuniperDataTemplates and browse to JuniperDataTemplates\Juniper Required Imports.



Populate Our Product Data Template

Then, open ImportProductTemplate.xls in your favorite spreadsheet editor like Microsoft Excel to begin populating your product data fields.

Here are the fields that are recommended to upload your data successfully:



-Category: Can be anything. For sub categories, insert a "/" with no spaces before and after each side. For a new category path use "|" (pipe symbol-which is just above your enter key on your keyboard) with no spaces before or after the symbol. These categories can be anything you like. 

-Base Price

-Photo Name:Main Image name goes here, do not include the ".jpg".Note: Only use this column if your images will be named differently than your item id.

-Additional Photos: If you have more than 1 image for an item and it is not named after the item id, put the name of those additional images here with a "," (comma, and no spaces) to separate each name. Ex: 12345,123456

If your additional images are named ItemdID_1, ItemID_2 , etc., you do not have to do anything except for uploading your images.

Upload Our Product Data Template

1. Once you have finished filling out the product template, return to the Product Upload Manager page.

For "Step 1:Choose A Type" on this page, leave the upload type as "Products ".



Under "Step 2:Choose Your Products", click on the Browse button to find your import product spreadsheet on your computer. Then click on Submit.




2.After clicking "Submit" you will be taken a new screen showing you a preview of your data that was pulled from your Excel file. In the upper right hand corner click on "Process File".


3. Once you have processed the file, at the top of your page a message will display in green, "Push Data Live". Click on "Push Data Live" and Juniper Data will confirm if you want to push your data live into your account.



Note: We suggest only saying "yes" once you have made all the uploads in both your data file and images before doing so.



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