How do I enable and then create multiple wish / favorites list? How do I enable and then create multiple wish / favorites list?

How do I enable and then create multiple wish / favorites list?

When you want to create multiple wish lists or favorites list (which is one in the same) login to JuniperWeb Admin under Settings > Site Configuration > Menu Settings > Favorites Feature Title and name it as you want it to appear on your website. tempsnip.png

On the Juniper website tap on the account icon in the top right corner. In the box that opens you will see either Wish List or Favorites depending on what you have it named. (In this example Wish List)tempsnip2.png

Once you tap on Wishlist or Favorites it will bring you to a page showing any current list you have and the opportunity to create a new list. To create a new list tap on the “Create New” button. 


This will open a box where you will give your new list a name. 

After you name it tap on the Save button. tempsnip4.png

Now you will see your new list along with any other list you have created on the page. tempsnip5.png

When you want to add any item to one or more of your list you can either tap Shop Now on the newly created list or simply go to the shop or search function to locate the item you want to add to a list. 


You have the option to add the item to your list either from the quick view by tapping on the heart or from within the item page by tapping on Add to WishList.  

When you perform this action from either view you will be prompted with a dropdown to select a single or multiple list to add the item to.  tempsnip7.png


Now that you have created the desired list whenever you shop you can add the entire list to the cart or open the list and add selected items to the cart from the list.tempsnip10.png

There are 5 icons to the right of your list name when the list is open.


Going from left to right they are for the following. 

  1. Page View  
  2. Remove All 
  3. Add to Cart 
  4. Share Email/PDF  
  5. Edit/Delete 



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