PayPal / Payflow: How To Setup & Process Credit Card Payments PayPal / Payflow: How To Setup & Process Credit Card Payments

PayPal / Payflow: How To Setup & Process Credit Card Payments


To get started you will need the following items. These values can be found once as log into 


Name Value Note
PARTNER This will most likely be PayPal or the ID provided to you by the authorized PayPal reseller who registered you for the Gateway. Case sensitive
VENDOR Your merchant login ID created when you registered for the account.   
USER If you set up one or more additional users on the account, this value is the ID of the user authorized to process transactions. If, however, you have not set up additional users, USER has the same value as VENDOR Case sensitive.
PWD The password you defined while registering for the account. Case sensitive





To finalize setup....

1. Login to WebManager and using the left navigation go to Accept Settings. 

2. Using the dropdown choose, Payflow. 

3. Insert the above credentials into the text fields & toggle credit card payments on. 

Please note, the values are case sensitive. 

4. Once completed, at the top right click Save Payment Settings button



⚠️Currently, you can only process credit card payments on either JuniperWeb + Repzio or JuniperMarket...not both ⚠️

Processing Credit Card Payments From JuniperMarket

Once the invoice for the order is confirmed, PayFlow / PayPal authorizes and charges the credit card. The invoice will automatically be marked as paid when the payment is successful

Processing Credit Card Payments From JuniperWeb & Repzio

Once a buyer has entered their credit card information into JuniperWeb or Repzio, the order will then be sent to WebManager. At this point, the card is only authorized.

To charge the credit card...

  1. Login to WebManager via
  2. Using the left bar go to Orders or
  3. Click the Order ID of the order you would like to charge.
  4. At this point, please make any final adjustments needed to the order
  5. Scroll down and click the blue "Charge Credit Card Ending in" button
  6. The credit card will now be charged & full payment will be present in your account. 




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