How do I set up product modifiers in Juniper Data? Example #2 How do I set up product modifiers in Juniper Data? Example #2

How do I set up product modifiers in Juniper Data? Example #2

If your products offer multiple options for your customers to choose from such as fabric style, color, size, etc., then you may want to use JuniperData's modifier function. The process of creating modifier menus is easy once you get the hang of it.

The first step we need to take is to download the two spreadsheet templates that are required to create a modifier menu: The Modifier_Lists.xlsx(Modifier Options) and Product Modifiers (Associated Product Modifiers).

The Modifier List spreadsheet is where you configure the drop-down options that will appear for selected products. Color, Fabric, Size etc.

The Product Modifiers spreadsheet is where you associate the modifiers to the desired products.

Let’s begin with the Modifier List.

Modifier List Spreadsheet Headers:


ModifierListName - This is the modifier menu drop-down name in which the modifiers are under. In this example we are using Choose a Color.

ModifierListKey - This is where you add the name that will be used to pair the modifier to the   ItemID (Product). In this example we are using Color 1.

ModifierItemID - This is where you enter your internal SKU/ItemID for that entry. It will be shown in the final ItemID for the product. In this example we use R-10 for the color Red.

ModifierItemName - This is the name that you will see in the dropdown list. In this example Red.

PhotoName  - This is the same field that is on the ImportProductTemplate spreadsheet. If the name of the .jpg image does not match the ModifierItemID you need to specify the image name here.

Price - If the modifier is going to change the price, you enter the amount here. The modifier can be a positive or negative value. Here we are using -30.

IsDeleted  - This field is required on every spreadsheet uploaded. To have shown enter False. To hide enter True.

Product Modifier Spreadsheet Headers:Capture1.JPG

ModifierListKey - This is the field used to pair the Modifier to the ItemID/SKU (Product).

Here we are using Color 1 from the Modifier List spreadsheet.

ItemID - This is the ItemId/Sku of the product that you want the modifiers to be associated with.

Here we are using Armchair.

SortOrder - This field determines the order in which the modifiers are displayed.

IsDeleted - This field is required on every spreadsheet uploaded. To have shown enter False. To hide enter True.

Let’s suppose that you have an armchair that comes in three different colors: Red, Blue, and Yellow. We would fill the Modifier List out as below.


Now let’s assume that you have a sofa with the same color options, and for the sake of clarity, let’s add a loveseat that only comes in two colors. We will create the modifier for the Loveseat in rows 5 & 6.


Since the sofa and the armchair have the same color options, then they would have the same Modifier List Key Color 1 attached to them. However, since the loveseat only has two color options—even if those options are identical to those offered with other furniture, it would still require its own unique Modifier List Key, shown above as Color 2.

This is what the Product Modifier Template would look like after following the directions above with row 4 showing the Loveseat modifier set up.


Once you have finished creating your modifiers, you will need to Log-in to Juniper Data to upload them by following the steps below.

1. In the left side panel click on “Products”, then “Upload Products” at the bottom of the side bar that opens.  


2. This will bring you to the below “Import and Upload Data” page.

Step 1: “Choose a Type” select “Modifier Options”

Step 2: Tap the “Browse” button this will open your file folders where you will want to select your Modifier List file. Once you upload your file from your file folder the Browse button will change to Submit. “Click Submit”.


3. Once you click “Submit” you will be brought to the screen below. Here you will click on “Upload Another File” button and follow the same steps mentioned above except this time for Step 1: you will select “Associate Product Modifiers” and upload your “Product Modifier Spreadsheet”. Once you have uploaded your last file click “Go To Products”.


4. You will be brought to the following screen where you will click on the “Process File” button at the top right.


5. Now we want to push the data live. Click on the Green “Push Data Live” tab at the top center.

This will drop down your options of “Yes or No” Click Yes.



You will then see the two pop ups in sequence. Once you see the second message congratulation you have completed Modifier Set Up process.





My modifiers didn't show up. What gives?

1. Refresh your Browser and check again.  If you are still not seeing the modifiers try pushing the data live again, give it a few minutes then check again.

2. Check to make sure that your Modifier List Key(s) in the Product Modifiers spreadsheet are identical to the ones you created in the Modifier List spreadsheet. An incorrect letter, extra space or stray number is enough to cause the error, so double check your work.

3. How many modifiers can I have for each product?

You may have as many modifiers as you need for your products.

4. How many options can I have for each modifier menu?

You may have as many options as you need.

                                                               Need further support? Submit a request



Need further support? Submit a request