How do I edit JuniperWeb emails that are sent to buyers / Site Users? How do I edit JuniperWeb emails that are sent to buyers / Site Users?

How do I edit JuniperWeb emails that are sent to buyers / Site Users?

This article is intended to help JuniperWeb users edit the emails that are sent to customers. These responses are automated and can be edited to fit the needs of your company.  

To find this area, log into your JuniperWeb Admin account → Next, click on Website on the left-hand menu → Next, click on the 'Emails' option. 

All email editors are similar in that you can view a preview of the email that will be sent to the user on the left-hand side and the content editor can be found on the right-hand side. 

❗ Make sure to save the emails you create ❗

We will review the following automated emails in this article:

  • Registered
  • Approved
  • Declined
  • Forgotten Password

Registered Email


Once you select the registered option, you will be brought to this screen to begin customizing the content to your company's needs. 


You will notice that you get a preview of what the email will look like to the left-hand side. The right-hand side is the content editor. From here, we can add a powerful subject line, headings, links, custom code, etc. This email is what your customers see once they submit a registration to shop on your Juniper Website. 

Approved Email


Similar to the registered email, this email is for site users that receive 'Approved' status from the JuniperWeb Admin. This email will automatically send once the Admin creates that site user as a new customer from the JuniperWeb dashboard. 

Declined Email


This 'declined email' is automatically sent to the company or individual that has registered on the site if they are declined by the JuniperWeb Admin. The admin can decline the site user by going to the dashboard and clicking the thumb's down button. 


Forgotten Password Email


The forgotten password email is sent to any site user that has requested a new password. A new password can also be reset by the JuniperWeb Admin anytime by going to the site user → selecting the rotating arrows → and entering a new password. Make sure to send this new password to the site user! 


Tips & Tricks

If you are stuck and do not know what to add to your email, you can hit the 'Revert to Default' button, which will create a default email created by the Juniper Team. You can add in any details we miss, or simply save that as your email! The default is what is set until you make changes to the email. 


 ❗ Try adding some emojis or fun subjects to engage your customers! This helps your emails to not be overlooked when they get sent to the future customer/site user of your website 😁



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